The Story of the Kendo Playing Cards project
  • Until September 2021
    The development of the game. Many, many test plays.
    The very idea of the game came to me about 10 years ago, as I was travelling on the underground. At a random moment, I just imagined how great it would be to transmit kendo into an entertaining card game that we could play after or besides training, and maybe it could pass kendo to more people in the world as well. After arriving home I wrote down the first version of the rules in about an hour. Then to find the game I can feel content with, took two fully developed and published versions in many years and lots and lots of test games. These previous versions were just too complex to be easily playable, because I was thinking ‘in kendo” and not ‘in a game”. I really got on the nerves of my friends who took part in the development process, to whom I am really grateful for their help and perseverance. But finally, I can say, that it is worth all the effort and time. There are only a few Japanese terms, there even colors to mark the functions, there are icons and signs to explain what you can do without text. And the best thing, it is finally multilingual, Of course, the rules will be available in many languages, but one set will fit everyone in the world. I hope that it will give you as much fun as it has been giving to us over the last years creating it.
  • October 2021
    Pre-ordering in order to make the production possible
    We have started a small international pre-ordering campaign to collect enough pre-orders to make the game happen. The campaign was successful, and we could collect enough pre-orders to start the production.
  • November 2021
    Taking part in the annual Boardgame Festival in Hungary
    After the national kendo individual and team championships on Saturday, Attila and I went to the Annual Board Games Festival and Board Game Fair 2021, which in many ways exceeded our expectations! I was very pleased to find out that the game really works, after a little explanation, even non-kendo players wanted to play it and were able to, and even said that they liked it and it was funny. Many people also praised Anita's super drawings. There were also some who said they would come down to the training and start kendo. 😃 I'm very happy with all this feedback and I think now that I've made it clear that those who try the game will not be disappointed.
  • December 2021
    Shortly before Christmas the production has been completed.
    More than 100 pre-orders have been shipped to Greece, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Norway, and the United States and Brazil. 🤩
  • January 2022 - Translation of the Game Rules into German, Romanian and Japanese
    Translation of the Game Rules into German completed, thanky to the help of Sven Beyer from Germany. Translation of the Game rules into Romanian completed thanks to the help of Andrada Cretu from Romania. Translation of the Game Rules into Japanese completed thanks to the help of Daichi Usui from Japan.
  • January 2022 - French, Spanish and Czech translation is in progress!
    Developing the website and looking for sales partners around the world
    We are currenly looking for sales partners among kendo shops.